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Getting an engagement ring that will not create big hole in your pocket for your fiancée is what every guy should put into consideration. Except maybe you have excess money to spend for the engagement ring, and you’re not probably going to run into debt after your engagement.
As much as valentine day is believe all over the world as the lover’s day, there’re still less engagement on valentine eve when compare with Christmas Eve. (more…)



Ifeanyi Nwune has released his Spring/Summer 2015 collection’s look-book. Modelling the collection are Ndani Tv presenter Onos O and Peter Fin.

The collection, “Timeless” is an array of sheer shirts , clean cuts , irregular hems all fit for the modern day man in the colours red, black, & white. This collection is definitely for the open minded 21st century man who wants to stand out from his peers.

We applaud Ifeanyi Nwune as he has made very significant progress since the début of his first collection “Control”


dressed man

The last time, we talked about some very important factors that a stylish man should put into consideration when going on a first date with his acquaintance. Some of these factors include the type of setting, colours of the dress and how comfortable you are in the outfit you choose. We shall be continuing in same fashion, as we look at some other critical ideas that will ensure you turn up good for your first date.

Unique Style
It is essential to have a unique style but also important not to go overboard while doing that. Individuality in your dress sense is good as it sets you apart from everyone else. But still have it at the back of your mind that you should have a style that identifies with the crowd. For this reason, it is important to create a balance between your unique style and appearing totally out of place.
Fashion accessories such as a wristwatch, belt or necklace can help add a touch of difference to your appearance but doesn’t make you appear overwhelmingly different. Mixing up your socks colours and appearance sets you apart. Wearing a patterned socks is a good idea as it adds a touch of playfulness to your appearance unlike the plain old boring white or black socks. A cool well ironed shirt that has a conservative design is also a good idea and would go well with a pair of cool plain jeans and pants.


A new generation of designers are taking denim to hypercrafted heights.
When former Net-a-Porter buyer Katie Green decided to launch her denim line, Kéji, she knew she’d be entering a crowded market space dominated by powerhouses
like Frame, J Brand, and Acne. Still, she saw an opportunity. “Denim has been really pigeonholed as the stretch skinny jean,” Green says. Instead, the Hong Kong native—who apprenticed in bespoke tailoring on Savile Row—took this everyday material back to its heritage, looking to 1800s workwear and the WWII-era American sportswear designs of Claire McCardell. Green also drew inspiration from the sharp lines of shunga, Japanese erotic woodblock prints that have been produced for centuries, to create an 11-piece capsule collection of crisp cigarette pants, A-line dresses, and round-shoulder jackets in heavyweight Japanese denim, which she debuted during the fall/ winter 2015 collections at London Fashion Week in February. “It was a really interesting challenge to see how far I could push the fabric,” Green says, “and take it back to where it was before it became this ubiquitous thing.” (more…)

Rules to Rolling Your Jeans

Posted: April 19, 2015 in Fashion

Cuffing your jeans gets a bad rap. Probably because most people associate it with those tightly-rolled pant cuffs that

boy bands in my hood on the Block used to wear. Yeah, that’s a look you should definitely be avoiding. But we’re not talking about cuffing your jeans so you could fill your pants with water and not spill a drop. We mean something a little classier and understated, and dope.i mean the swag

Knowing how to roll your denim the right way can be just as important as finding the perfect jeans to fit your build. Here are three simple ways to pull off the rolled look and not look like a throwback to the 80s.

1. The slimmer the jean, the skinnier the cuff.
The pin roll is your best buddy. It can easily taper any kind of straight-leg jean.

To make this slimming cuff, pinch the excess fabric (one to two inches) of your jeans away from the side of your leg. Fold the excess fabric back against the ankle, then cuff normally, keeping the pinched fabric pinned as you smooth around the rest of the cuff.

Pair the pin roll with standout kicks, as this detail allows complete footwear visibility.

2. Selvedge denim calls for a single or double cuff.
You dropped a pretty penny on that selvedge denim, so you might as well show off a little of that telltale red tape.

Create a classic single cuff by flipping up your fabric (about an inch or inch-and-a-half) from the bottom of your jeans. If you want a cleaner look while sticking to the single cuff, tuck the tip of the hem (just a few centimeters) back behind the single fold.

For the double cuff, simply flip the hemline up twice—about an inch or so both times. The double cuff works best with light to mid-weight selvedge denims. If you’re a smaller guy, steer clear from this leg-shortening style altogether.

Keep in mind, heavier cuffs pair best with heavier footwear—think boots or thick-soled shoes. Stick with lighter sneakers when sporting smaller cuffs.

3. Don’t Overdo It.
Stop, drop, and don’t roll more than twice.

Though a couple cuffs can help adjust a too-big size and polish up a look, rolling too many times can create an awkward, unflattering shape. It may be necessary to head to a professional tailor to get that perfect fit.

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Smart Tops in Town

Posted: April 18, 2015 in Fashion

Looking for nice tops. guyz. check this ones out.just saw a few of them in a boutique today.Also cheap and affordable.view photos below


Latest Boots Rocking 2015

Posted: April 16, 2015 in Fashion

The new season with a polished pair of men’s designer boots. Go rustic and rugged with panelling and chunky soles, or smarten up your look with high-shine ankle boots. Find an exceptional edit of key boot styles from both emerging and established designers alike.

Saint Laurent

‘Ranger’ boots

Rick Owens

spring blade boots

Rick Owens

‘Cargo Basket’ boots

Ann Demeulemeester

lace-up boots (more…)

When it comes to committing fashion crimes we’re all guilty as charged,  It’s near on impossible to get it right all of the time which is why we thought we’d lay it on the line with these top 21 fashion mistakes to avoid. Stat. Because let’s face it, no one wants to be the girl in the see-through leggings.

Dressing too small, trying to be someone you’re not or stepping out with a camel toe, we’ve all been subject to these fashion blunders at least once and if you haven’t, you’re lying. Whether you’ve gone as mad as Miley or have just ventured into experimental dressing, know that’s it’s OK to make mistakes. It’s how you learn from them that really counts. Oh yeah, we got deep. (more…)

It’s time to say goodbye to all those moments when you worried about what to wear or those moments where your stylists went wrong!

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