Female Student, Boyfriend found dead after using Drug for S*x

Posted: June 12, 2015 in News

If your approach to life is faulty and you continue as if you know what you are doing, mishaps like this one are almost inevitable. You are doing something the wrong way, that is not even enough for you. The next thing on your mind is how to use drugs for bedroom pleasure at such a young age? Smh!
A female student and her boyfriend, who are both in the confines of a University in Anambra State have reportedly died in a hostel room located near the school.
The female student is from Imo State. She visited her boyfriend and they went in together on Saturday but never woke up until their doors were forced open…
This followed the alarm raised by a neighbor and policemen were invited.
The male student was 300 level student of public administration.They allegedly died after s*x romp and their neighbors never knew until their bodies started decomposing.
Those who claim to know alleged that the guy drugged the girl to have access to free s*x and he equally took the pills, which result in their death.
The Police PRO, DSP Uche Ezeh, confirmed the unfortunate incident.
What a misery!!


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