Tecno makes history by introducing first professional music phone to the Nigeria market

Posted: June 4, 2015 in fashion and style
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Tecno Mobile’s idea of a holistic mobile entertainment is captured on BOOM J7 pre-installed music app jam-packed with local and international hit songs that users could either stream live or download directly into their smart phone library. Every component of the BOOM J7 is put together to compliment music including its Full metal Hi-Fi headset with noise cancellation technology.
This push in the direction of music is a clear marketing move which aims to grow market share in the youth market and further position the Tech giant as a leader at the high-end mobile segment.

BOOM J7 has over 2,000 Hit songs in its Music player – BOOM PLAYER
If you love classy smart phones as much as you love good music then BOOM J7 is the mobile phone for you. This top of the range “Music phone” is fresh from the stables of TECNO Mobile; the mobile tech OEM that has been wowing Nigerians for a while now with innovation in smart phone technology.You just can’t fob this one off; BOOM J7 is a mind-staggering collection of hit songs both local and international pre-installed in a hi-performance smart phone and what’s more? There is enough storage space for your own music luggage and frequent updates of its BOOM player app with hit tracks from around the world.
BOOM player is compressed music world in a phone
TECNO Mobile is clearly belly-dancing to music enthusiasts with the launch of its flagship music phone BOOM J7. On the one hand, the tech giant further immerses its growing base of loyalists into a world of mobile entertainment while on the other hand, it makes enticing intrusions towards users of other high-end mobile brand like:Apple, HTC and Samsung,hoping to capture new users and grow market share.
The amazing thing about this flagship music phone is its BOOM player; this app is much like a market place for music, yourAlabaof Music if you like. A user clicks the app’s launcher pre-installed on BOOM J7 smart phone and enters a library of music filled with local and international hit tracks from top artistes. User can either decide to download selected tracks to his or her BOOM J7 smart phone or stream the music directly to enjoy superior music entertainment delivered through speakers engineered with double power amplifier technology.

BOOMJ7 is the No1 Music phone in the market
BOOM J7 is arguably the No1 music phone in the market right now as no other high-end smart phone can match the quality of its music output. This sleek accessory of style will get any mobile enthusiast wondering thinking if music on smart phones could get any better than BOOM J7.
TECNO Mobile has established itself as a top player in the arena of mobile devices manufacturers with significant market shares in Nigeria and across Africa in the past 15 years; the Telecoms giant won over Nigerian hearts by making market entrants with affordable and innovative mobile devices with Dual-SIM carriages


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