Popular Indian Billionaire Gives out His Wealth, Becomes A Monk To Live In Poverty

Posted: June 4, 2015 in News
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The three-day extravagant diksha ceremony of billionaire Delhi businessman Bhanwarlal Doshi began on Friday in the presence of over 1,000 Jain monks.
Doshi, known as the king of plastic raw material trade in the national capital, had decided to relinquish his family life, Rs 600-crore business, SUV cars, air-conditioned residence, retinue of servants and take to Jain monastic life.
Under the aegis of Jain Acharya Shri Gunratna Surishwarji Maharaj, 59-year-old Doshi began the process to abandon worldly pleasures. Doshi will be the 108th disciple of Surishwarji Maharaj and 354th postulant to attain sainthood under his aegis.On Friday, the ceremony began at the 560-feet long ship-shaped pandal on AES ground. Over 50,000 people, including businessmen from Antwerp, Dubai, Hong Kong and Surat, were present. A musical evening of devotional song by the Jain monks was held in the evening at the 3 lakh square feet venue which has been built at an estimated cost of Rs 100 crore.
On Saturday, a procession ‘Varsi Dan’ will be taken out in the city with 1,000 Jain monks. It will begin from Smrutivandir in Bhatta and pass through Mahalaxmi Crossroads, Mithakhali, Vijay Crossroads before reaching the venue. The procession will have three chariots, nine elephants, nine camels and musicians from different states.
According to organizer Piyush Chauhan, Doshi is likely to arrive in a helicopter at the venue and shower over 2,000 gold and silver coins among the people attending the ceremony.


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